Being Figure Of Ummah

Indonesia has large of human resouces who broadly had been known, they were in several sides, namely: politics, economics and cultures. Every single day, the number of Indonesian scholars grew rapidly, all sides of education built not only in infrastructures, but also in system of education. In the last 90’s, mostly students were from Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam also Singapore came to learn and seek the knowledges. They were taught by Indonesia Scholars.

Nowdays, the reality tells us differently. A couple years ago, Foreign learners came to learn how to be clever and wise, they knew and admited that we (Indonesian) are adequate  and also have a lot of both Islamic and Science Scholars. Nevertheless, the time has changed it. Right now, Indonesian lively go to those countries to learn the knowledge which were taught by Indonesian Scientis.

In fact, those countries have aplied such systematically ways in order to strive for excellent over and over. Moreover, they are thirsty in knowing anything. A reseacher said that Singapore has much better for educational system rather than developed countries. It concerns about various aspects, those are curriculum, teachers’ income, and also global transformations.

Education plays essential role in building Indonesian characters,  mentality, and also have sense of belonging to the nation. To be so, goverment  already have prepared some intsitutionals in covering all Indonesian students. One of the programs that have been made by the Indonesian goverment is providing higher educational institution.Those are General and Islamic  University which were broadly spread out throughout the archipelago.

Amich Alhumami revealed that Islamic University, actually, is same as General University. It has integrated both general and Islamic teachings, thus it needs to be noticed as well as general universities. Moreover, Islamic university has contributed 2,95%  toward developing humanresource. The ministry of religion affair through Directorate on Islamic Higher Education just issued that the number of Islamic Higher Institution is 702 both state and private. It shows that Islamic Institution were profoundy chosen as place where the young indonesian scholars will built and educated.

Students of Islamic institution are as the figure of the society. All things which are being done by them will always be watched. For instance, it can be seen while students of Islamic institution  are following society empowering ( Pengabdian Masyarakat ), the public did not care what the mayor they are, citizen just knew that they are coming from Islamic unversity. Thus, being the figure of Ummah need two main aspects, they are : character education and tolerance.

First, In simple words, character might be understood as noble act, affective domain, or one’s true-self. Conceptually, Zubaedi said that  the term character encompasses the whole ethical values underlying one’s thought, utterance, and behavior. In the context of education, the term character education has positive connotation, which is the accumulation of virtues gained through life span, including through the process of education, and identified through mindset, attitude, saying, and action.

Nowadays, the integration of character building within the education system seems to be a response to the gab existing between the morality phenomenon and the noble values rooted within the Indonesian culture. It is in such context, the policy of integrating character building aspect is to be a crucial instrument. Darmiyati Zuchdi, as he gave general stadium at STAIN Jurai Siwo Metro in 2011,  proposedthat character education could be started through forming value configuration representing the four psychosocial process: mental exercise (olah pikir), inner exercise (olah hati), physical exercise (olah raga), and will exercise (olah rasa/karsa). Out of the many good characters that need to be built, four basic characters, termed as jurdastangli, should come first. The term jurdastangli stands for: honesty (kejujuran), intelligence (kecerdasan), toughness (ketangguhan), and care (kepedulian).

Second is tolerance, tolerance means honoring, receiving and valuing about sorts of belief, cultures and opinions. As qouted from scientific writing, meaning of tolerance is harmony in diversity. We, along with the other religions, live, work and also interact without having any hatefulness.

The minister of religion affair Lukman Hakim Saefudin , while is interviewed on Mata Najwa, proposed that being honorable one is not to be respected but respecting. Also, rector of UIN Jakarta Dede Rosyada added if students of islamic university already had sense of tolerance, later they could live, work and interact between and among the religions.

Thus, tolerance should be had by which students of Islamic institution within their life. Lately, there were two cases which destroyed the sense of tolerance and belonging to. Both tolikara and singkil are the reflection ofintolerance between and among believers. The role of young Islamic scholars should be mediator who pacified, also educated them on tolerance.

In conclusion, the time grows so rapidly, the challenges and opprtunities are waiting. As one of the big population countries with sorts of beliefs, cultures also languages, the roles of the young scholars shall take the position up on all sides. The young will be one who continues next in some aspect such as, goverment, political, Islamic teachers, economic and cultures side as well. Being so, the young scholars ought to have education character like us   honesty (kejujuran), intelligence (kecerdasan), toughness (ketangguhan), and care (kepedulian) in order to be better for the future. Besides, the intolerance issues also are being paramount cases is not only intolerance of religion, but also in all things. As the educated person must play paramount roles, that are preventing and mediating two community who are arguing.

By those ways, we could see the ideal scholars who really have the value of good character who lead the nation within Islamic nuance. Also, we never ever see anymore intolerance between and among communities.

Nyanuar Algiovan